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We do have animals for sale. i will try to get pics up soon. We have cow calf pairs, heifer calves, and bull calf for sale!! So please email us or click on the facebook link to check out animals!!

Click on picture to enlarge and info.   We will be adding animals as the calves hit the ground!!  If you see any animal on our site that you are interested in that isn’t available for sale just let us know and we can discuss possibilities.

If the offer is right and you have something to sell (cows, bulls, and calves) or trade lets talk. We are always looking for new blood lines in animals.  Give jason a call for all sales.

We are also starting a list for calves for when they are born. We will start calving at the end of March.  If you are interested in something like this please let me know and we can go over things.

Terms of Sale: To hold an animal, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of total purchase price shall be paid as a partial payment. Livestock will not be held until the deposit is received. Buyer shall pay the balance at or before time of pick-up cash or a cashier’s check.

Health tests or documentation requested by the buyer or required by the state where the buyer resides shall be paid for by the buyer. Livestock listed as will be pregnancy tested at the buyer’s request and the buyer’s expense. Livestock tested and found to be bred are guaranteed bred only as of the date of the test for pregnancy of a positive result by the veterinarian that the buyer chooses and pays. We assume no responsibility for the viability of the pregnancy beyond the test date. Abortion,  miscarriage, birth defects or problems of the pregnancy are the responsibility of the buyer.

Seller does not knowingly sell any sick or infirm livestock without disclosure of such. The

buyer may at his/her expense have the livestock check by a veterinarian before shipment.

Due to the stress of transportation, adjustment to new living conditions and differences in feed and water JB Cattle Co. takes no responsibility for the health of the livestock after it is loaded onto or into the transport vehicle which means that the buyer has taken possession of the animal.

Animals must be picked up by the buyer at the designated time, unless other
arrangements are made and documented in writing. The buyer will be charged a daily boarding fee for the additional days the animal is kept by the seller. Should the buyer not pick up or make arrangements for the animal by the designated date, the animal will be considered abandoned by the buyer and will go back on the market.

No permanent alterations such as banding or castration will be made to the animal until the full purchase price has been paid to the seller. We do not accept the return of any livestock animals. No exceptions. We do not warranty animals. Animals are sold healthy. Buyer and/or their carrier are responsible for the health and safety of the livestock purchased once it leaves JB Cattle Co’s pasture.

We ask that you take your purchase the day of purchase. Please bring a stock trailer as we can’t load cattle up into the back of a pick-up. All our stock is sold first come first served, thank you for understanding.

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