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Welcome!  Located in Kalona, IA,  JB Cattle Company raises and sells miniature cattle, miniature cows, miniature calves, as well as miniature bucking bull stock. Miniature cattle sustain the ECONOMIC viability of a farm operation; enhance the quality of life for farmers and society as a whole.  JB Cattle Company supports sustainable agriculture practices and is actively engaged in a form of sustainable agriculture which is using animal production practices which have a site-specific application: a less grazing acreage need.

I also just wanted to say that just because it says miniature bucking bulls and cows doesn’t mean that all our animals are crazy or temperamental or anything like that. We have several levels of temperament.  Calves grow by the way you raise them. So when you buy calves from us, they will be raised to the way that you would like even the bulls.

Respectful treatment of our miniature cattle is a constant, continual day to day practice at JB Cattle Co.  Our cattle are raised under foot (pasture) which encourages the cattle to respond to us, our young daughter and neighbors with gentleness.  This gentleness also fosters the cattle to do little or no damage to our fences. Our cattle are perfect proportion, just smaller, eye appealing and BEAUTIFUL.

JB Cattle Co. sells breeding stock, weaned calves, bottle calves, beef steers, and bucking bull stock. These  miniature cattle are admired for their ability to withstand many climates and consistently maintain good body condition on grass and hay. When placed in finishing programs both grass finished as well as grain finished cattle produce outstanding carcasses that are the envy of other breeds.

Thank you for visiting our site. Please take a moment to look around and see our stock. If you do not find all the information you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. We love to show off our little herd, so stop by and see us.

Weight average best 700 lbs.

Meat Quality – tender, lean, choice beef perfect for grain, grass,
organic, all natural, heart healthy

Enjoyment – 20-35 lb calves, 450-750 lb cows, 700-1000lb adult
bulls, the perfect cattle teaching scenario for beginners, 4-H, FFA, bucket
bottle projects, and miniature bucking bull rodeos.

Miniature Cattle are ideal ranchette or acreage cattle and no big investment in
livestock handling equipment is necessary. Miniature Cattle are classified as farm animals and your investment in Miniature Cattle could qualify for a significant tax credit

Miniature Cattle have a gentle disposition, easy for even youngsters to handle, would make a great show animal for younger 4Hers or junior projects.

Our miniature cattle range in the measurements below

Mature Cow:
500 – 700#, 35 – 45 in. at the shoulder
Mature Bull:
800 – 1100#, 38 – 48 in. at the shoulder
Market Wt. Steer:
650 – 750#, at 15 months

They are in perfect proportion, just smaller, eye appealing, attractive cattle.
We feel that they are even easier to handle when you spend time with them and this is important to us and we hope to our future customers.

Here at JB Cattle Company we have some cows that are around the 38″ to 42″ range, but we also have some cattle that are from 42″ to 48″ so you might call the taller ones a mid-line thus; meatier!

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